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Handmade Kitchens in Tonbridge | Loft Conversions | Added Craftmanship to Property Improvement Work

Property improvement and development work can impact many different parts of your home, from a single room to the entire build. Upgrading to one of our handmade kitchens or made-to-measure wardrobes, or investing in one of our loft conversions, will need the talents of skilled craftsmen with experience in bespoke joinery and carpentry. The humble tradesman is an integral part of any building, renovation or refurbishment project in the Tonbridge area, and the teams we assemble deliver results of unmatched quality.

It is the skill of a tradesman that brings a project to life. But craftmanship isn’t something that just happens. It is the fruit of many years of hard work and discipline.


The Importance of Craftmanship in Design

Where does the role of a craftsman begin? At SJP Construction, we think it starts with interpretation. This is all about bringing the architect’s drawings to life. Even during our initial consultation, we’re already thinking about bespoke joinery and carpentry work, and how we’ll integrate our skills into your job. Planning, logistics and understanding your Tonbridge property are all key to the success of refurbishment and renovation work.

Our early involvement in your job, be it made-to-measure wardrobes, handmade kitchens, loft conversions or anything else, will always reflect in the final workmanship.

So, what makes it important for a tradesman to be a part of the job at such an early stage? We believe that the person doing the job is usually best at noticing any minor details in the design that might not work, or which aren’t clear. It is better to discuss possible design issues with the architect before starting a job than it is to improvise later.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating for you than having to go back to the drawing board in the later stages of a project or development.

And, once the job begins, your tradesman is usually the best point of contact. This is because they’ll know exactly where they are with work, so they can keep you informed of their progress, be it bespoke joinery, carpentry or a larger construction project.

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