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Bespoke Joinery in Tonbridge and the Wider Kent Area

Do you want to replace several internal doors as part of a property renovation? Does your new build have a statement staircase at its heart? At SJP Construction, we are experts in bespoke joinery and carpentry. When combined with our wide range of construction services, our company covers every requirement, be it made-to-measure wardrobes, handmade kitchens or all the work needed to deliver large-scale projects like loft conversions.

Based in Tonbridge, SJP Construction operates throughout Kent, from Sevenoaks to Tunbridge Wells. We work with property owners on projects large and small, so whether you need woodwork repairs, a standalone piece of furniture or end-to-end management of a full house renovation, we’re here to help.


Bespoke Joinery | A Personal Service

Like any other bespoke service, our approach to joinery is personal by nature. Our team works to your specification, ensuring your desired furniture and features fit perfectly into your chosen space. Of course, once installed, the results will also blend seamlessly with your wider design scheme.With this in mind, it’s important to recognise that no two projects are the same. However, some of the most popular joinery and carpentry jobs we take on include:

• Made-to-measure wardrobes and fitted cupboards
• Units, cabinets and the laying of hardwood flooring
• Handmade kitchens installed by experienced craftsmen

• Architraves, skirting, door hanging and window installs
• Truss roofing and other timber structures
• Barn conversions and log cabin construction

If needed, you can rely on us for all the bespoke joinery and carpentry services needed to complete sizeable projects like loft conversions, property extensions and house renovations.

In short, there’s no need in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells or the neighbouring areas SJP Construction can’t meet.

How Do Joinery and Carpentry Differ?

It’s important to clarify that, despite their similarities, joinery and carpentry are separate services. However, because both involve skilled tradespeople working with timber, there is inevitably some overlap.

In the simplest terms possible, joiners “join” wood in a workshop. The joinery process involves connecting two or more sections of wood together to create a wide range of timber products. This can include anything from chairs, tables and cabinets for handmade kitchens through to doors, staircases and made-to-measure wardrobes.

Carpenters, on the other hand, construct building elements on site. This service tends to focus on larger features involved in projects like extensions, loft conversions and renovations, such as the building and installation of roof trusses, stud work and the fitting of staircases and floors.

Because our team excels at both joinery and carpentry, we can cater to any requirement.

The Benefits of Bespoke Joinery

No matter the size of the project you’re planning in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas, if you have the option to take the bespoke route, the benefits below outline how it always represents a great choice.

• Made-to-Measure – Wooden features already come with natural warmth and charm. When designed and crafted to fit a specific space, they create a sleek aesthetic that mass-produced options simply can’t compete with

• Match New with Old – Are you refurbishing or renovating? You’ll likely have existing furniture pieces that you want new features to match with. Starting with a blank slate, our team delivers results that suit any existing or planned design scheme

• One-of-a-Kind – Your home, and the vision you have for it, is as unique as your tastes, personality and lifestyle. For a living environment that truly reflects who you are, there’s no more effective solution than investing in bespoke joinery and carpentry

• Cost-Effective – Crafted to flawless standards, your new installation will last for generations, giving you an outstanding return on your investment. It only takes one right feature to revive a space, avoiding the need for more widespread and costly work

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